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Arriv is an online check-in solution designed with patients in mind.

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This is what modern healthcare technology looks like.

Nearly every healthcare organization lags behind the rest of the retail world in digital user experience.

The battle for patients is won and lost during the digital customer experience – especially online check-in, the revenue-generating step.

“When you're not feeling too well, you want to move as quickly as possible. Arriv gave me a time slot so I felt I had to be there. It helped me get a little more motivated to get moving to the care that I needed.”
Stephanie H.

Systems that have chosen Arriv:

Care begins the moment a patient chooses you. Arriv starts the experience with seamless online check-in.

It’s more than convenience. The check-in experience immediately communicates your readiness and availability. It is the invitation and call-to-action missing from “no appointment necessary” messaging.

Patients regain a sense of control and well being once they check-in. Committing to a plan immediately gains them a partner.

The chaos of the search closes and they can simply focus their attention on arriving.

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80% of patients feel that healthcare should improve the booking experience
(NTT Data Services Report)

See why a Top Ten Health System replaced their legacy online check-in solution with Arriv

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Ease your staff’s workload and reduce door-to-door time. Talk about efficiency.

Modernize your intake and improve data accuracy. Plus — no more clipboards or bad handwriting to decipher. Arriv's Digital Intake feature allows patients to complete your paperwork digitally and automatically populates their information into your EHR.

“I think that whole [digital] process makes it easier on me as a patient and then makes it easier on the staff. It speeds up the intake and frees up people to be doing actual patient care rather than paperwork if they've already got it done in advance.”
Carolyn N.

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Arriv is the only solution using machine learning to reduce wait times for patients and keep your staff from getting overloaded.

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You can implement Arriv online check-in in 24 hours, no matter what your current system looks like.

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Guaranteed to increase online check-in patient volume.

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