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Arriv is an online check-in solution designed

to acquire new patients
to help load balance facilities
to route low acuity patients to the right care setting
with patients in mind
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Every 24 seconds, someone searches ‘emergency room’ online.

More than ever, patients are quickly researching and comparing ER facilities before choosing one. Search terms like “emergency room near me” have exploded — increasing 1000% in the last 5 years.

With online check-in, patients can put the chaos of the search aside and simply focus on arriving. Not only do they feel relieved they have a plan of action — they’re confident in the care they’re about to receive, knowing health care providers are expecting their arrival.

Boost conversion by helping searching patients lock in a plan.

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40% of patients search online for on demand care.

Source: Arriv customer survey (n=1,000)

“When you're not feeling too well, you want to move as quickly as possible. Arriv gave me a time slot so I felt I had to be there. It helped me get a little more motivated to get moving to the care that I needed.”
Stephanie H., patient

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The key to converting searching patients? Personalization.

Other online check-in providers use just one single user interface across all facilities. But this static, one-size-fits-all approach is flawed — it fails to convert.

Instead, Arriv personalizes the check-in experience down to the individual patient.

Arriv’s proprietary AI-driven personalization technology tests 30+ variables across the check-in experience based on patient behavior. Based on this data, Arriv delivers the highest-converting user interfaces for each facility.

Personalization is proven. Arriv outperformed a top competitor by 226%.

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“We chose to implement Arriv with the goal of increasing online check-ins, as it has repeatedly proven to have the industry’s highest conversion rate and patient experience of all the solutions in the market.”
Chief Marketing Officer

“Arriv looks, feels, and moves like the best retail apps out there, and yet it is completely designed to convert patients. The volume increase has been significant and is still going up.”
SVP Marketing

See why a Top Ten Health System replaced their legacy online check-in solution with Arriv

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Send patients to the right care, right place, right time. That’s intelligent.

For health systems interested in load balancing patient volume from one facility to another or digitally routing patients from the ER to a lower acuity care setting, Arriv's Intelligent Routing technology adapts to your needs and provides patients with better outcomes.

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“I thought it was a great experience. I'm telling all my friends. I shared it on Facebook. I think a lot of people are going to be using it in the future.”
Leah H., patient

Trusted by top health systems across the country. You can implement Arriv online check-in in 24 hours, no matter what your current system looks like.

85+ EHRs

Guaranteed to increase online check-in patient volume.

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