‍The Psychology of Scheduling for Acuity Based Care

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‍The Psychology of Scheduling for Acuity Based Care

Make finding and engaging healthcare in moments of need human - starting with digital product design.

In this webinar, Arriv’s CEO, Alex Zubey, and Head of Product, Trevor Barrios, explore the unique demands of online check-in for acuity based care and opportunities for creating better patient experiences. When patients need in the moment care, product design and setting clear expectations are vital. When product design is not done with the user in mind, the results look like check-in experiences that are clunky, workflows that are not user-friendly and a one-size-fits-all approach using the same interface for every facility within a health system. Often times, this frustrating digital experience results in patients looking elsewhere for care or putting off care altogether.

In this webinar, we’ll ask:

  • What are some of the unique challenges facing online check-in for acuity based care?
  • What answers are patients seeking in their moment of need?
  • Why should a hospital even offer online check-in for acuity based care?

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