Winning the Moment of Search

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Winning the Moment of Search

Why does winning over patients while they’re searching for care matter?

Patient confidence in getting care starts with the digital experience. Arriv’s CEO, Alex Zubey, and Co-Founder and Head of Patient Growth, Jacob Johnson, discuss one of the most important initiatives of online check-in: winning the moment of patient search. What are the ways hospitals are losing digital searchers? How does the digital experience increase patient confidence? We talk through these questions and more in this short 24 minute webinar. Enjoy

In this webinar, we’ll ask:

  • How has the reliance on digital discovery impacted how patients make decisions related to on-demand care?
  • Where are the ways hospitals are losing digital searchers - often without even knowing it?
  • How does a positive digital experience increase confidence?
  • How does Arriv adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape?

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