Field Guide: How Arriv Optimizes Marketing Efforts

Arriv grows patient volume by providing transparent tools and reporting that helps hospitals make more informed decisions on how to best allocate budget and resources.

June 14, 2022

Converting new patients from digital marketing efforts is challenging without the right tools to facilitate conversions and report on campaign data clearly and accurately. While many online check-in tools put patient experience at odds with marketing and reporting efforts, Arriv is designed to be the ultimate transparency solution for patients and hospital staff alike.

Although a majority of emergency room patient volume will always account from walk-ins, one of the easiest ways to increase patient volume is by winning over the high-intent online searchers. In the last 5 years, the volume of online search terms like "Hospital near me" and "ER near me" have increased by 1000 percent. This means that more patients than ever are evaluating multiple options for where and when to get care.

One of the biggest barriers to converting these patients, however, is the online experience that bridges their search to an actual visit. Too often, patients are burdened by long check-in forms that collect unnecessary demographic data and display inaccurate estimates of when they can get care. That’s why Arriv collects only absolutely necessary information and uses a machine learning algorithm to generate check-in times with wait time curves to offset busy waiting room times. Read more on our machine learning wait time feature here. By offering a frictionless user interface (UI) and communicating clear expectations to online searchers, Arriv facilities conversion on our partners' existing marketing efforts.

But how do we know that improving online check-in UI leads to greater patient volume and more satisfied patients? Arriv is designed for the hospital staff as much as it is for the patient. Where most reporting tools from other online check-in software companies will stop at telling you who clicked the check-in button, Arriv is able to tell you who completed the online check-in, and who actually showed up. With higher fidelity data, health systems that implement Arriv can make better decisions about how to allocate marketing resources and understand their audiences more effectively.

Here’s the three areas we focus on in order to optimize marketing efforts: 

Patient Facing Marketing Campaigns 

  • In previous engagements with health care systems, before partners implemented Arriv - we saw the results of marketing campaigns that drove clicks to hospital landing pages and check-in processes that require an unnecessary amount of form fields. This often resulted in patients abandoning the check-in and not committing to show up for care. 
  • When a health system partners with Arriv, our partners’ marketing campaigns are empowered with unique back end links that give clarity into who actually completes an online check-in and shows up. This is better for reporting, and better for marketing campaign budget justification. We allow our partners to double down on what’s working.

UI Conversions

  • Arriv’s core value is to provide an online check-in solution built with empathy for the patient in their moment of need, and convert more searchers into satisfied patients. 
  • More patients than ever are evaluating multiple options online to decide where and when to get care. Patients searching online expect a digital experience that gives them confidence in the quality of the services they are seeking - otherwise they will choose to go somewhere else. 
  • Hospital emergency rooms are always going to have walk-in patients, but Arriv is focused on the additional percentage of people searching online for care and still deciding where and when to go. 
  • Arriv’s check-in process boasts shorter completion time, wait time curves to offset busy times, and only the necessary number of demographic fields. 


  • Arriv brings an e-commerce approach to healthcare marketing and reporting, providing clarity into which patient-facing campaigns actually result in patients showing up for care. In turn, the health systems we work with can better allocate marketing resources into which digital campaigns are working.
  • Arriv’s reporting gives more clarity on patient marketing campaigns for hospital executives that don’t regularly spend their time in marketing. The Arriv analytics team provides complete clarity and visibility through an easy to use analytics suite.

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