CEO Update: Arriv's Machine Learning Forecast Feature

March 20, 2022

The current environment of surging patient volume at emergency rooms is causing frustrated patients and overwhelmed staff. In this environment, most online check-in solutions cause more harm than good.

But the problem isn’t online check-in, it’s the implementation.  Conventional online check-in tools misalign patient expectations on when they will be seen, and they end up adding to an already full patient queue. Because of this, many facilities are disabling their online check-in entirely.

Arriv’s proprietary software gives our customers the ability to predict higher wait time periods and communicate up to the minute expectations to patients while they are checking in online - all without an EHR integration.

The flexibility in Arriv’s online check-in solution allows us to quickly and accurately modify the patient's digital experience based on the unique circumstances at an individual facility level.

In fact, we’ve seen health systems increase patient satisfaction scores even with record-breaking volume.

This feature set solves the recurring tension in the marketplace of balancing the desire to win new patients and drive patient volume while setting proper expectations for patients.

- Alex Zubey, Arriv CEO

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