Simple and fast implementation. 

Arriv is designed to go from contract signing to patient conversion in under 24 hours.  

We do most of the lifting.

Our goal is the same as yours: Launch Arriv quickly and securely. We work directly with your teams to gather input from the right people in your organization and guide you to deploy quickly and with zero hassle.

Below are the milestones and activities needed to successfully integrate Arriv into your organization.

Step 1
Assess your current online check-in process and co-develop the optimal digital patient journey.

  • Map and audit the user flow throughout the patient acquisition funnels  
  • Make recommendations to optimize online conversion based on pathways to facilities and best practices
  • Work with your teams to solidify the journey and flow
  • Deliver the specific plan to make the changes when Arriv goes live 

Step 2
Custom configure product settings and data fields to align with your operational preferences.

  • We work with you to determine the patient information you want to capture at each facility on Arriv.
  • Our team also gathers what you want to communicate about each facility such as location listings, services offered, hours of operation, and custom text messaging.

Step 3
Set up user accounts

  • With your data and information preferences in hand, the Arriv team provisions new user accounts for owners and super administrators.  
  • We’ve made adding new staff and users to Arriv so easy, your admins will be able to quickly create and delete staff and user accounts as needed in seconds

Step 4
Prepare the check-in URLs for deployment 

  • We work with your technical team to strategically determine where the online check-in links will go.
  • The Arriv team provisions links for each facility and compiles all code embeds into a simple, foolproof deliverable.
  • The last step is “whitelisting” which ensures all the URLs needed for Arriv to work have been given access to the hospital’s protected network.

Step 5
QA and test before patient launch

  • We double check every aspect of Arriv’s functionality. We do this first on a staging server and then again on a production server before it goes live.

Step 6
Train staff.

  • Arriv is intuitive and easy to use from executives down to frontline staff. While it requires very little training, we do offer several training resources, including short videos.
  • Patient access staff are instructed on how patients book through Arriv and how to use Arriv to provide a better patient experience when they show up. 
  • Corporate staff are trained on the performance dashboard, so they can monitor performance, run reports, and export data as needed.    

Step 7

Win more patients in their moments of search!

Our goal is the same as yours: Launch Arriv quickly and securely to serve your patients with the best booking experience in the industry. We work directly with your people and teams to make final decisions and give your technology team everything they need to deploy quickly and with zero hassle. 

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