Arriv uniquely optimizes the check-in experience for each facility.

We’ve learned that there isn’t one check-in experience that universally drives the most patient volume.

Each facility has a unique mix of specific, local circumstances. What is special about Arriv is that we run real-world experiments on each facility with an ever-growing library of proven check-in configurations. The data selects the patient experience that drives the most volume for each and every one of them.

The Arriv Difference

Human-centered design + technological innovation

Every feature of Arriv is built on deep empathy for what patients need to make confident in-the-moment medical decisions. We take these insights and build the ideal digital experiences and technical implementations to win more patients.

Faster, simpler booking

  • The competition has long forms with many steps, fields, and keystrokes -- in other words, many ways to lose patients.
  • With Arriv, patients get confirmed 3x faster than the competition which means many more will start, finish, and show up.

Pro Tip
Ask for only the information you need to secure commitment. Conversions go up in direct proportion to the decrease in the number of keystrokes.

Patients never leave your brand

  • Many booking tools direct a patient away from your website to complete a check-in. This forced departure from your own brand experience erodes trust and creates disorientation.
  • Arriv always launches within your own page to provide a seamless in-brand experience that substantially increases patient conversion.

Pro Tip
Increasing patient conversion depends on optimizing the smallest details in design, wording, and interactions. Taking an online user unexpectedly away from one environment to another causes many patients to abandon the check-in process.

Lightning fast load times on any device

  • Arriv is designed to work across all browsers and device types to be seamless and incredibly fast, so there is never a moment patients decide to move on.
  • Our engineers have programmed  Arriv to preload on your webpage so that when the online check-in button is clicked or tapped it immediately launches.

Pro Tip
In digital experiences, every additional second that a page takes to load results in an abandonment rate of 50%.

Provides a best-in-class mobile experience

  • The mobile phone has become the most used and powerful tool for finding and making consumer and healthcare decisions.
  • Arriv is designed in every detail to meet the high expectations of today’s consumers when it comes to mobile digital interactions.

Pro Tip
Most patients are still shopping or “checking out” a facility when they open the online check-in tool. This makes the online check-in experience a win-or-lose moment.

Take-action analytics

  • Real-time, easy-to-grasp analytics helps your team see the impact of Arriv and know what is working.
  • Arriv takes the same human-centered approach to analytics as it does to the patient experience so your team gets the most value out of it.

Pro Tip
Arriv makes it easy for you to know exactly what your patient funnel looks like and empowers you to continually refine your patient acquisition efforts.