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We rounded up our most commonly asked questions from new healthcare clients and staff during our 24 hour implementation process.

December 21, 2021

One common point of skepticism we come across during the evaluation and sales process with new customers is our implementation timeline. A question we hear all the time is “Can this really be implemented within 24 hrs of contract execution?” And rightfully so! Healthcare software implementations have a reputation for being extremely complex, require an abundance of customer resources, and have long timelines to completion. While some healthcare software tools (e.g. Electronic Health Records system) understandably require a high degree of change management and resources, some software tools should not. Online check-in for emergency departments should fall into the latter category. With a proven implementation process that fits your pre-existing workflow and is easy on your IT resources.

In an effort to bring more transparency into our implementation process and eliminate skepticism in the timeline, we have highlighted a real world example. Throughout the latest  implementation of our check-in software in a top ten health system, we’ve highlighted the main questions and concerns  we encountered along the way. At this point in the process their security assessments and contracting had been completed, and it was time to get the online check-in tool in the hands of the patients and staff. 

Here were their major questions and concerns, and how we worked to handle each:

What will be the time and resource allocation? Will there be an increased workload on our staff?

For implementation, we supply you with two  lines of code to copy and paste onto your web page to make for a streamlined and light lift for your technical team. 

Arriv does the heavy lifting and we have a proven implementation playbook that is customized by Arriv to your specific needs. This takes much of the implementation burden off of the customer. . 

Arriv requires the assistance of a member of the  web-development team for a matter of minutes per page.  Each page where Arriv is going to be used requires an element on the page, usually a button (although it can be any element), and a single line of javascript to be placed directly before the closing </body> tag.  We will provide the necessary ID’s and sample elements and work directly with the web-development team to ensure the process works as anticipated.  

We look to a member of the customer’s technical team  to “whitelist” all the Arriv URLs so they are accessible within the hospital's protected network, and copy and paste our the online check-in code we provided onto the webpage. 

Our team also provides a white-label service where the Arriv experience can be customized to match the overall look and feel of the website being deployed.  If this is the case, additional interaction with the branding or marketing team may be required to ensure the white-labeled experience meets the brand standards.

As an example of how quickly Arriv can onboard new clients, a recent integration was completed where over thirty locations were onboarded in under three hours. This included the initial integration, testing, and user acceptance testing conducted by both Arriv and the client.  

Will there be any disruption to our workflow? We don’t have the luxury to allow any downtime.

Software should work for you, not the other way around. And with that, we make it a point that you do not adapt to us, we adapt to you. Arriv does not overhaul  your current workflow and registration protocols. We have a variety of workflow options that are deployed today so we can implement our product in the best way to fit your operational needs.

We cannot risk any security breaches. What is Arriv doing to ensure security compliance?

Arriv is, of course, a HIPAA compliant software solution. On top of that, we are not unique in the fact that we participate in the necessary security assessments required by each unique health system.  

All of the Arriv infrastructure can be SOC 2 certified as we  enforce two-factor authentication, access control protocols, and encryption of all data in transit and at rest.  Automated intrusion detection mechanisms are in place that can block intruders and react proactively ensuring 24x7 protection.  

The entire Arriv infrastructure exists in AWS and utilizes HIPAA compliant services including KMS, API Gateway, Lambda, RDS, and CIS hardended EC2 instances.  Additionally, our infrastructure undergoes yearly white/black box penetration testing from a trusted partner, is routinely backed up and undergoes disaster recovery drills, and is highly available with built-in failover protocols in redundant geographic locations.  

Arriv does not retain PHI/PII data long-term.  Once the data retention policies have expired all PHI/PII data is automatically de-identified eliminating the risk associated with long-term storage.  Lastly, Arriv has an in-depth and comprehensive logging system in place to, not only, monitor for malicious or unrecognized activity, but also ensure that we have the proper documentation necessary in the event an event is detected so that proper actions can be taken to protect data and prosecute.

Are we likely to face challenges with staff adoption and comfort level with the new software?

No. Although Arriv is intentional about building our software products to be intuitive and user friendly, we still want to ensure everyone is comfortable with the software, from the corporate team to front line staff. We offer several training resources, from live calls to short training videos, to get everyone up to speed quickly. 

Patient access staff are instructed on how patients book through Arriv and how to use Arriv to help provide a better patient experience once the patient presents at the facility. 

In the event of staff turnover, new staff members come on board, or if there is any need for a refresher training for any reason, the Arriv support team will happily conduct additional  training sessions. This can be easily requested at any time through our support email address and there is not a limit to the number of training sessions we provide. 

We have easy to read dashboards for executives and corporate staff that Arriv is increasing patient volume, and more importantly, giving those patients a seamless digital experience to find and arrive  at your facility to get the care they need. Corporate staff members are  trained on the utility of our reporting dashboard, so they can monitor performance all the way down to a facility level, run reports, and export data as needed.

Our goal is the same as yours: Launch Arriv quickly and securely to serve your patients with the best booking experience in the industry. We work directly with your people and teams to make final decisions and give your technology team everything they need to deploy quickly and with zero hassle. Learn more about our implmentation process or reach out with any questions you may have!

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