Does Arriv Stack Up to Epic On My Way?

Online check-in for emergency rooms and urgent care facilities should never be a one-size-fits-all solution. Arriv designs with the patient in mind, in order to give a world-class patient experience during someone’s moment of need.

May 11, 2022

Arriv’s focus from the beginning has been clear: create an online check-in solution through the lens of the patient’s digital experience first, while integrating into the hospital staff’s established workflow. In order to provide a world-class patient experience, Arriv designs with deep empathy for the patient in their moment of need.

This approach has led to Arriv being the leader in converting online searchers into satisfied patients at our partner’s facilities. With more patients than ever starting their care journey with an online search, and evaluating multiple options before making a decision, the impact of providing a frictionless experience that provides the patient with accurate, necessary, information that they are seeking is crucial to them selecting one facility over another and their overall patient satisfaction. 

We’ve created a breakdown of the key differences between Arriv & Epic On My Way:

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